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Allergies and Dustmites

Asthma is one of the worlds “fastest growing” illnesses. It affects as many children in the highlands of Scotland as it does in our inner cities – we asked why?

In countries such as America, Canada and Australia where they have acknowledged professional cleaning for the health benefits it has become customary for homeowners to clean all their carpets on a regular basis. Everyone is aware that healthy living has become a big issue in recent years. We have removed the smog and improved the pollution that hung over our cities a few decades ago. Factories have strict laws governing the amount of pollution they can exhaust into the atmosphere; even cars are monitored for their emissions. However, the one environment that we spend the most time in is completely ungoverned and in many cases contains many times more pollution than factories are allowed to exhaust. This environment is the one that is increasing the number of Asthma and allergy sufferers each year, especially in our young children – and it is the one that we believe is safe as it’s the one we call home.

Something needs to be done to improve our microenvironments.

We can divide our surroundings into 4 major environments:

Global, Regional, Local and Microenvironment: this is the fourth level, the indoor or built environment It’s our home, work place, shops, pubs etc… it’s the habitat in which we spend the vast majority of our time, in fact over 90% of our time is spent indoors.

We spend on average a third of our life in our bedroom – just think about all the time you spend breathing in the same contaminated, stale air. It’s this stale air and the moist environment we make in bed by breathing and perspiring that makes the perfect breading ground for the House Dust Mite.

The House Dust Mite is the cause of the biggest source of respiratory allergies for young and old alike, but why is it only now that this problem is brought to our attention - not before?

This is due mainly to the 1970’s energy crisis. Ever since then buildings, both at home and at the office have continued to be designed to save energy. Most buildings today have central heating systems and double-glazed windows to seal in the warmth, some even with central air conditioners. Before then homes had chimneys and draughty wooden windows that allowed fresh air in and kept humidity down. You home furnishings, such as carpets and upholstery fabrics are a major benefit to you as they act like filters and help reduce the amount of particles in the air, however if they are not professionally cleaned on a regular basis they may become a source of allergies. Asthma is not the only respiratory illness; in fact there are hundreds if we include all the different allergies. Nevertheless, it is the most serious as it’s the cause of over 2,500 deaths every year in the UK.

The House Dust Mite

The house dust mite is too small to be seen with the naked eye. They live on the decaying dead skin flakes in house dust – skin that we shed every day. There is hardly a house in the UK without them, although the number can vary between houses from huge numbers, and others containing almost none. Dependent on humidity dust mites can survive and multiply in alarming numbers. It is not the Mite it’s self that we become allergic to, ironically it’s the waste product from our skin that they digest. In fact it is the powerful protein enzymes the mites digest our skin with, in a similar way to most creatures.

8 Basic Facts about The House Dust Mite.


House Dust Mite faeces have been a known allergy for over 30 years.

Each mite produces around 20 droppings a day.

Each dropping contains between 10-12 faeces pellets (2-10 micron in size)

Medically proven that the House Dust Mite faeces pellet is the main cause, and not merely a trigger of asthma.

By eliminating the Mite from living in/on domestic soft furniture, especially the bedroom, it should be possible to reduce, if not eradicate Asthma in the UK.

In the UK over 4 million people suffer with respiratory related allergies (1 in 10 children), predominantly from the effects from the House Dust Mite.

Over 2500 people die each year from Asthma

The UK Health Authority spends over £750,000,000 a year on prescription drugs, just to reduce the symptoms of Asthma – not to stop or prevent Asthma

If you or any member of your family suffers in any way as described the good news is there are products available to specifically rid your carpets and soft furnishings of these dreadful creatures. By cleaning and protecting it will help you to dramatically reduce allergies in your home.

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