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How To Select A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

What distinguishes one carpet cleaning company from another? This checklist will ensure that you have asked the right questions.

Do They Have Good References?

Ask for references of a company’s work. Read them, they should keep an up to date file of references for you to browse. Check that they refer to work done by the actual cleaning technicians who will be cleaning for you. We keep an up to date file of the actual references that we encourage clients to browse and ask questions

Check Out Their Actual Experience And Desire To A Great Job.

Ask questions concerning the particular cleaning experience of the cleaning technician that will do your work. The best way to do this is to ask them to tell you directly how long they have been cleaning and a little about cleaning carpets, rugs and furnishings

Are They Well Educated In Their Field?

Sadly, most companies in our industry do not invest in educating themselves or their cleaning technicians. If your carpet cleaner isn’t well known to you, you may not know whether they have the technical knowledge to correctly clean your furnishings. To really know that you are dealing with a competent professional, make sure that the NCCA (The National Carpet Cleaners Association) and the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certify them at least. The technician must earn these qualifications through study, experience and the successful completion of formal written examinations

More About The NCCA And IICRC

The NCCA is the only independent UK trade body solely dedicated to the craft of carpet, upholstery and other soft furnishings cleaning –It is recognised by the government, media, industry, commerce and of course thousands of satisfied homeowners as the authoritative source of information and independent advice on all aspects of the industry. The IICRC is the largest accreditation body in the world, dedicated to improving the competence of cleaning and restoration.

Both of these organisations demand that any certified business and Technicians be dedicated to Honest, ethical business practices kept updated on the latest methods for carpet and upholstery care, cleaning and restoration. The highest possible level of customer service.

You’re making a wise decision when you have your carpets cleaned by an NCCA and IICRC certified firm.

What Cleaning Systems Do They Use?

Many cleaners use under powered and outdated equipment that does not work efficiently. We use some of the most advanced and effective cleaning equipment available. As well as giving a really “deep down” clean our equipment does not over wet carpet or fabric. So whilst getting maximum soil removal, your carpets will be “standing tall” and dry enough to use in hours not days!

Do They Use Top Quality Products?

We only use the very best products from top manufacturers. We do not accept products that tend to leave sticky deposits in the pile of your carpets or fabrics. This is the biggest cause of premature re-soiling. Whilst we will never guarantee removal or part removal of certain spots or stains you can rest assured that the products we chose to use on your furnishings will stand the largest degree of success

Will You Get What You Bargained For?

Please don’t fall into the trap of selecting a carpet cleaning company based on price. Call the cheapest company you can find and I’ll bet you get a big sales pitch with little cleaning. It only makes sense that the cheapest company has to cut costs by using cheap cleaning equipment, cheap cleaning agents, and cheap personnel, spending as little time as possible cleaning your carpet Will they have the tools, qualifications and experience to recognise the fibre, construction and fitting to ensure that the right cleaning can take place, without causing irreparable damage to you furnishings? Will they therefore get out all the oils, soils, pollens, bacteria, moulds and other pollutants?

Will You Get Information on All The Cleaning Related Issues
With Relevant Advice On Maintenance?

Will they be prepared to return should stains re-appear – as they can even with the most expert cleaner correctly using the most powerful equipment and materials? Not surprising, having your carpet thoroughly cleaned by a fully trained professional craftsman will cost you more than using one of the fly by night cowboy cleaners. This may still prove a less expensive way than having to replace an item ruined by the latter or having to employ someone else to correct the damage.

Do They Guarantee Their Work?

After having an uninformed uneducated or downright unscrupulous cleaner in your home, the hardest part is getting them to fix any problems. We offer our 100% Money Back Guarantee. We do not want to have anyone in our community that feels they have paid us for something that they did not get

Do They Demonstrate How They Value Your Custom?

Beware of “here today, gone tomorrow” cleaners. The typical ones advertise with flyers that say things like “We are in your area next week”…At Aquamaster we are always in your area. In fact we will keep in touch with you. Valued clients receive our newsletters with handy hints, information and special offers.

We also offer maintenance plans. We will come to you home, evaluate your needs and create a custom plan that will help keep your home and carpets cleaner, healthier and preserve appearances for years to come.



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