Carpet And Upholstery Protection

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Carpet And Upholstery Protection

This is one “protection racket” you should seriously consider.

When you’re buying a carpet, sofa, chair or complete suite for your home you want to relax in the knowledge that your investment can be protected against everyday spills and accidents. Unfortunately these things do happen and no fabric or leather is completely resistant to spills

If your carpets and upholstery are brand new or if you are considering cleaning your existing ones then right now is the best time to treat them with “Protector”. After application, regular vacuuming and quick attention to spots and spills will keep your home looking cleaner longer.

Protector forms a durable, microscopic barrier around each fibre to lock out dirt, grime, water and oil based liquids. Spills on your furniture can be blotted away quickly without a trace. Soil and dust on your carpet can be removed simply by vacuuming and spotting. What’s more the product is environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic, invisible and odourless when dry. Safe for pets too.

Liquid spills and dirt can quickly make your carpets and fabrics look old before their time. Now you can add years to the life of your investment with an economical treatment.

In a Nutshell

Protects from food & drink accidents.

Won’t change the feel, colour or breathability of your fabrics.

Extends the life of your furnishings and carpets.

Prevents dirt, dust and grime from becoming “ground in”.

Makes clean up faster and easier.

Repels oil, water and dirt.


Easy Care Tips For Our Clients

After every application clients will be given tips for removal of spots and stains. Please refer to our guarantee section for more information. For present purposes we would suggest you:

Clean up spills immediately

Blot, don’t rub

Pre-test spot removers

Apply spot removers to absorbent cloth then spot

Rinse & blot dry

Rest assured, as with all our services, “ as a licensed “Protector” applicator I am a dedicated professional who: -

Maintains the highest professional standards of workmanship and service. Does everything possible to offer you the quality, dependable and competent service you deserve. Regularly attends industry workshops and seminars to learn more about the latest innovations in the industry to better your needs Uses only the finest quality professional cleaning products and equipment Promises to conduct business with honesty and integrity.



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