Upholstery Cleaning

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Upholstery Cleaning

What has been said of our carpet cleaning service is repeated here as far as cleaning your soft furnishings are concerned. When we refer to soft furnishings we include, your 3 piece suites (whether fabric or leather covered) dining chairs, mattresses, other seats etc.

Whilst care and testing is a priority with all cleaning this is especially true when it comes to the cleaning of soft furnishings. Fabrics tend to be more delicate, are more prone to damage by physical and chemical damage, and the outer cover can conceal a minefield of problems lurking below. Materials and fashions are changing constantly all requiring extreme care and professionalism in their care and maintenance.

The Prospect of having to clean hundreds of different types of furniture and even more unfamiliar materials can cause upholstery cleaners some apprehension. Little hope of constant success, therefore, is the one machine operator using one system for all cleaning. Owners of expensive furniture should, rightly, exercise extreme caution when it comes to having someone in to clean their pride and joy. Please refer to our section titled How to select a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company, it could possibly be the best advice I could ever give you.



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